Heather Correa, RN, BSN, CPSNCertified Plastic Surgical Nurse

Heather Correa, RN, BSN, CPSN - Certified Plastic Surgical NurseHeather Correa

Heather Correa is a master nurse injector at Aesthetic & Laser. She is a full-time Certified Plastic Surgical Nurse for the Center and has enjoyed time as a national trainer for Allergan Pharmaceuticals. Working under direct supervision of a plastic & reconstructive surgeon since 2001 and staying actively involved in the rapidly evolving industry makes her an asset to our staff. Heather learned the art of facial aesthetics and injections techniques from working directly with many of the top plastic surgeons and leading experts in Aesthetics. She trained 2 years with direct MD supervision performing sclerotherapy to treat reticular and spider veins. Heather is a graduate of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Registered Nurse and a Certified Plastic Surgical Nurse. She continues to work in conjunction with plastic reconstructive surgeons and several specialized medical doctors.

Heather is proud to be known as conservative in her approach, gentle with her technique and honest with her knowledge. She continues to take every opportunity to attend educational seminars to provide the most current information and advice to her patients. Her background in Plastic Surgery gives her the advantage to appropriately assess and discuss with her patients’ other options, advantages vs disadvantages and allow them to make an informed decision. Heather’s greatest professional accomplishments are her experience & understanding of aesthetics medicine especially the face, her confidence & ability to deliver mutually agreed upon results. She is dedicated to establishing trusting professional partnerships with her patients. Your face becomes as important to Heather as it is to you!!

Heather’s nursing background includes, Pediatric Intensive Care – Charge Nurse, Texas Children Emergency Center - Charge/Triage Nurse, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Aesthetic Clinical Nurse.